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Blank Labels

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Blank Barcode Label Sticker

Blank Barcode Label Sticker

Blank Labels are the perfect solution for anyone requiring plain, cut-to-shape labels to print themselves. The size and shape of the label can be customised to fit the model of printer used: our labels are compatible with any standard or industrial printer.

  • Customisable size and shape
  • 20 materials available
  • Suitable for labelling machines

Using a normal sticker for barcode label printing on a scale may not be the most effective solution. Barcode labels typically require specific materials to ensure proper scanning and durability, especially in environments like retail or industrial settings.

Consider using dedicated barcode label stock that is compatible with your scale’s printing technology. These labels are designed to provide good print quality, adhere well to surfaces, and ensure accurate barcode scanning. Using the right materials will help prevent issues such as smudging, fading, or tearing, which could affect the barcode’s readability.

Always check the specifications and recommendations provided by the scale manufacturer to ensure that you are using compatible materials for barcode label printing.

Yes, barcode label printing stickers are available in various sizes to accommodate different needs and applications. You can find barcode label rolls or sheets with pre-cut labels in different dimensions. The choice of size depends on factors such as the type of product, the amount of information you need to include on the label, and the available space on the items you are labeling.

Common sizes for barcode labels include standard dimensions like 2×1 inches, 4×2 inches, or 4×6 inches, but there are many other sizes available. Additionally, some label printers allow you to customize the size of the labels based on your specific requirements.

When selecting barcode label sizes, it’s essential to ensure compatibility with your label printer and the readability of the barcode. Always refer to the specifications provided by the barcode label printing scale and adhere to any industry standards or regulations that may apply to your particular use case.

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