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Container Stacker Scale

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Container Stacker Scale


Accurate and reliable weighing of Containers is an important part of Maritime Operations and safety. We have a whole family of Scales – such as the Reach Scale, the Lock Scale, the Container Stacker Scale and the Forklift Scale – that meet modern SOLAS regulations. They make it easier to obtain the required VGM (Verified Gross Mass) data during the transport and unloading of the container.

In addition to improving safety, our scales increase efficiency in ports. The container’s VGM and identification data can be combined, and the data uploaded to TOS, ERP or other systems through integration. Weighing data can also be managed in our cloud service, which enables data from all our scales to be combined. It makes monitoring real-time weighing data easy. It comes with benefits like:

Seamless weighing at several different weighing points.

No interruptions in the workflow.

Improves transparency, measurability and security.

Real-time access to information, reports and activity monitoring.

Helps to comply with regulations without compromising on efficiency.

Salient features:

Can be integrated into TOS, operational control and other systems, in which case data transfer is reliable and reporting and monitoring possible in real time.

Can be connected to a cloud service enabling the management of weighing data, where the data can be easily and reliably used in real time.

Can be connected to Luki’s PC-based vehicle computer

It is possible to manage the weighing data collected from all our scales used in the port, such as container extender scales and container lock scales as well as traditional vehicle bridge scales, in the same weighing data management system.

12 main memories for containers and other weighing related data with total of 10 000 memory item storing capacity.

Internet data transfer

Log memory for 10,000 receipts


A container stacker scale is a specialized weighing system designed for accurately measuring the weight of shipping containers. It is typically integrated into the equipment used for loading and unloading containers, such as container handlers or stacker cranes. The scale uses load cells or other weight-sensing technology to provide real-time weight measurements, ensuring compliance with legal weight limits and safe handling during transport.

Using a container stacker scale is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it helps prevent overloading, which can lead to safety hazards and legal penalties. Additionally, it ensures compliance with weight regulations set by authorities, avoiding costly fines and delays. Moreover, accurate weight data provided by the scale is essential for inventory management, billing accuracy, and overall logistics efficiency.

Yes, many modern container stacker scales are equipped with advanced technology that allows seamless integration with logistics management systems. This integration enables real-time data sharing, which can be used for optimizing loading plans, resource allocation, and making informed decisions regarding route planning and scheduling. It enhances overall operational efficiency and provides valuable insights for better decision-making in logistics processes.

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