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Counter Scale

Retail Product Catalog

Counter Weighing Scale



  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. LCD display with back-light
  3. Units Switch
  4. Auto zero-setting when switch on the scale, Auto zero-tracing
  5. Switch among weighing, counting, percentum. Function of choosing Weight range.
  6. Power Supply: AC 220V (±10%) / 50 Hz, 110V/60HZ, DC 6V / 4Ah
  7. Warranty and after sales service
  8. Capacities from 3Kg to 30Kg
  9. Embossed membrane keys
  10. Responds quickly with accurate weights
  11. Applications program include: Check Weighing, Parts Counting, Percentage Weighing, Unit Conversion
  12. Standard Stainless Steel Pan and dust cover
  13. Rechargeable Battery Provide up to 40 hrs of continuous use
  14. Optional RS-232 Interface, Bluetooth and below weighing

A counter weighing scale, also known as a countertop weighing scale or a bench scale, is a type of weighing scale designed for use on a flat, stable surface such as a counter or table. These scales are commonly found in various settings, including retail establishments, laboratories, and kitchens.

A price computing weighing scale is a type of electronic scale designed not only to measure the weight of items but also to calculate and display the corresponding price based on a predetermined unit price or price per weight. These scales are commonly used in retail settings where items are sold by weight, such as fresh produce sections in supermarkets, delis, butcher shops, or any business that requires accurate weight-based pricing.

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