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Floor Scale

Industrial Scales Catalog


FLOOR SCALES are extensively employed scales in industries like logistics, warehousing, pharma, scrap yard, packing etc that are used to measure heavy objects. Its standard flat and wide appearance facilitates the measurement of weights in an easy manner.

HIRS Global manufacture the following four regular sizes of FLOOR SCALE. They bear a characteristic tensile strength and an excellent weighing tendency of upto 7,000/- Kgs. Our FLOOR SCALES are build to last with following features:

  1. 50 mm RED LED display
  2. Check Weighing Function
  3. Stabilization indication
  4. Zero Tracking
  5. Simple user-friendly operation
  6. Color coded and sealed keypad
  7. Anti-slip adjustable leveling feet
  8. Environmentally protected load cell
  9. High tensile alloy steel load cell
  10. Mild steel chequered platform
  11. Built-In RS232 serial interface
  12. Low battery indication
  13. Built-In Battery Backup 48 hours operation
  14. Auto sleep/power down function to save battery life
  15. Warranty and honest after sale service
Sr No
Platform Size
Upto 2000 kg
1000 mm x 1000 mm
Upto 3000 kg
1200 mm x 1200 mm
Upto 5000 kg
1500 mm x 1500 mm
Upto 7000 kg
2000 mm x 2000 mm
We also provide non-regular sizes like 1200mm x 1500mm for animal weighing etc and we can also supply Floor Scale made with Stainless Steel which is used in industry like fisheries etc
weighbridge platform

Corner Weight Testing

Corner test or eccentricity test is a procedure done by a calibration technician to check the accuracy of weighing equipment. During the test, the technician centers weights in different quadrants on the weighing platform while checking the readings. Its purpose is to ensure that no matter the placement of your weight, the reading remains the same or within tolerance of your equipment. Corner tests are very important, especially with Legal for Trade scales. During an audit, the Inspector can red tag your equipment and take it out of service if it does not pass the test, costing your company time and money.

 A floor weighing scale is a specialized scale designed for weighing heavy or oversized items that cannot be easily placed on a standard weighing platform. It is embedded into the floor surface, allowing items to be rolled or placed directly onto the scale for measurement. The scale operates using load cells or other weight-sensing technology to provide accurate weight readings.

Floor weighing scales offer several advantages in industrial applications. They provide a convenient and efficient way to weigh large or bulky items without the need for additional lifting equipment. This saves time and labor costs. Additionally, floor scales are durable and designed to withstand heavy loads, making them suitable for industries such as manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and more.

Yes, many floor weighing scales can be customized to suit specific industry needs. They can be designed with varying weight capacities, platform sizes, and material specifications to accommodate different types of products and equipment. Additionally, some models may offer features like connectivity options for integration with data management systems, making them adaptable to a wide range of industrial applications.

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