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Forklift Scale

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Our following two models of Forklift scale are suitable for all brands / types of forklifts. Weighing takes place during loading – it is accurate and fast, saving time and cost. Weighing data can be printed via the RS232 port.

Scalift 100’s technology produces accurate weighing results. The driver lifts the load as usual and weighs the load by pressing the weighing button. After that, the load is lowered a little, the weighing result is shown on the screen and saved in the weighing log.

Scalift 200 model, the hydraulic pressure, height, speed and acceleration caused by the forklift’s forks are registered when driving up and down, which significantly improves weighing accuracy and long-term stability. This patented technology eliminates the effects of mechanical friction, non-linearity and weighing tolerances caused by the load placed on the fork tips. Two-way tilt compensation ensures an accurate weighing result regardless of the tilt of the forklift mast and floor.

A forklift weighing scale is a specialized attachment or integrated system designed to be installed on a forklift, enabling it to weigh loads as it lifts them. The scale operates using load cells or other weight-sensing technology, providing real-time weight measurements. This allows for efficient and accurate weighing of items during material handling operations.

Forklift weighing scales offer several advantages in warehouse settings. They streamline the weighing process by eliminating the need for separate weighing stations or scales. This saves time and increases productivity. Additionally, it allows for immediate verification of weights, ensuring compliance with load limits and preventing overloading. This can enhance safety and help avoid fines associated with exceeding weight regulations.

Yes, many forklift weighing scale systems are designed to be retrofitted onto existing forklifts. These systems can be installed without extensive modification to the forklift itself. They are available in various configurations, including clamp-on attachments or integrated load cells, making it possible to adapt them to different forklift models and types. This provides a cost-effective solution for companies looking to add weighing capabilities to their existing fleet.

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