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Animal Scales

The HIRS Global animal scale is a scale for camels, sheep, calves and other animals. This Scale can help in optimization of the sales revenue due to selection of the animals, monitoring the daily weight gains of fattening animals, checking the weights when buying and selling animals and it is very easy to use, even in narrow stables.

Hanging Scale

Hanging / Crane Scales

HIRS Global hanging and crane scales are versatile, economic, and heavy-duty solutions for both overhead material handling and even the hand-held hanging weighing applications. Its robust suspension scales features include a rechargeable battery, standard remote control, aluminum or steel casting case, and visible LED display. The crane weighing scale is also known as a hook scale, hoist scale, and suspended weighing scale.

A crane scale is a specialized weighing device designed to attach to a crane, hoist, or other lifting equipment. It is used to measure the weight of objects or loads that are suspended in the air. The scale contains load cells that sense the force applied to them, converting it into an electrical signal that is then displayed as a weight reading on the scale’s digital display.

Crane scales are widely used in various industries for tasks such as weighing heavy machinery, pallets of materials, and oversized objects for shipping or manufacturing. They are also utilized in industries like construction, agriculture, shipping ports, and manufacturing plants for tasks that involve lifting and transporting heavy loads.

Yes, some crane scales are equipped with features that allow for dynamic weighing. These scales are designed to provide accurate weight measurements even when the load is in motion. This capability is particularly useful in applications where objects need to be weighed while being lifted or moved.

An animal scale is a specialized weighing device designed for accurately measuring the weight of animals. It is commonly used in agriculture for weighing livestock like cattle, pigs, and sheep. In veterinary settings, animal scales are used to monitor the health and growth of pets and other animals. They can also be used in research environments for scientific studies.

When choosing an animal scale, it’s important to consider factors such as the maximum weight capacity, platform size, and durability. Some scales are designed with animal-friendly features like non-slip surfaces or low-profile platforms to minimize stress on the animals. Additionally, portability, ease of cleaning, and compatibility with data recording systems may also be important considerations.

Yes, animal scales come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different types and sizes of animals. They range from small scales suitable for weighing small pets like cats and dogs, to large platform scales designed for weighing livestock or larger animals like horses. Some scales also offer features like animal-friendly ramps or cages to help with safe and secure weighing.

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