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Material Handler Scale

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Material Handler Scale


Our Material Handler Scale weighs materials effortlessly while it is being moved, unloaded or loaded. The weighing information can be transferred in real time to ERP or other systems, facilitating efficient material / data flow management.
The easy-to-use scale is designed for fast-paced material handling and can be used together with various lifting tools. As the Material Handler Scale can be integrated directly into an organization’s ERP, invoicing and other data analysis can be carried out based on weighing results. The scale also allows for different materials to be easily weighed in conditions that require great reach, such as mineral foundries, harbours and terminals and recycling plants.

A material handler scale is a specialized weighing system designed to be integrated into material handling equipment, such as cranes, loaders, or excavators. It allows for the accurate measurement of loads being lifted, moved, or transported. The scale operates using load cells or other weight-sensing technology, providing real-time weight readings. This ensures precise handling and helps prevent overloading.

Material handler scales offer several advantages in industrial settings. They provide immediate weight feedback during the handling process, allowing operators to ensure loads are within safe and legal limits. This helps prevent accidents, equipment damage, and compliance violations. Additionally, using a material handler scale can optimize load distribution, improve inventory management, and increase overall operational efficiency.

Yes, many material handler scale systems are designed with adaptability in mind. They can be customized to suit various types and sizes of material handling equipment, including cranes, loaders, and excavators. This versatility allows the scale to be integrated into different machines, making it a valuable asset in a wide range of industries, including construction, shipping, and manufacturing. Customization options may include different load cell configurations and mounting solutions.

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