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Pallet Jack Scale

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Pallet Jack Scale


Pallet Jack Scale is a commonly used equipment in the logistics industry, the pallet weighing scale is used to lift material and simultaneously verify the weight. Weighing load cells and indicator display are integrated into the pallet jack scale eliminating the need of an additional weighing platform.

Pallet Jack Scale offers users with a simple, economic and reliable handling equipment. Hydraulic pump passed the strict test, convenient design for repair or maintenance, chassis is with high strength and durable.

Capacity 2.5 ton (2500 kg).

Division: 0.5 kg (500g)

simple and easy-to-use and to service with upper fitting bolts for forks

Internal rechargeable battery

Direct Kg/Lb. unit switch button

Up to 2 years warranty on the weighing instruments.

Inspection and calibration certificate by a 3rd party approved lab can be provided.

A pallet jack scale is a specialized material handling equipment that combines the functionality of a pallet jack with an integrated weighing system. It is designed to lift and transport palletized goods while simultaneously providing an accurate weight measurement. The scale operates using load cells or other weight-sensing technology integrated into the jack, allowing for real-time weight readings.

 Pallet jack scales offer several benefits in warehouse settings. They streamline the weighing process by eliminating the need for separate weighing stations or scales. This saves time, increases productivity, and reduces manual handling. Additionally, it allows for immediate verification of weights, ensuring accurate load distribution and compliance with weight regulations.

Yes, many pallet jack scales are versatile and can be used for both internal warehouse operations and shipping purposes. They provide an efficient solution for weighing goods before they are loaded onto trucks for transportation. This ensures that shipments meet weight requirements and helps prevent overloading, which can lead to safety hazards and compliance issues.

Remember to consult the specific manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications for any pallet jack scale model, as features and capabilities may vary between different models and brands.

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