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Our expertly manufactured weights are used in various application areas. They enable efficient and effective routine testing of weighing instruments, reliable balance and scale calibration or accurate and traceable calibration of reference weights. Choose our test weights to check the performance of your weighing device in the range from 50 grams to five tons [05 Tons] in all accuracy classes, with or without a Municipality Calibration Certificate.

Test weights are precisely calibrated objects used to check and calibrate the accuracy of weighing scales and balances. These weights are designed to be highly accurate and traceable to national or international standards. They play a crucial role in ensuring that measurement instruments, such as scales, provide accurate and reliable results.

Calibration ensures the accuracy of scales over time. Test weights serve as a standard reference to verify and adjust the scale’s measurements, maintaining precision in various applications.

The frequency of recalibration depends on factors such as how often the scale is used, the environmental conditions, and the industry standards. Generally, it’s recommended to recalibrate test weights at least annually or as per the specific guidelines provided by regulatory bodies.

Test weights come in various materials like stainless steel and cast iron, and they can be cylindrical, rectangular, or knob-shaped. The choice depends on factors like the scale’s capacity, the precision required, and the industry standards. Consulting with a metrology expert can help determine the most suitable test weights for your specific needs.

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