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Truck Scale Software

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Truck Scale Software

Truck scale software

HIRS Global Truck Scale Software can be used to connect old or new truck scales, regardless of make. It enables a location-independent center for the management of multiple truck scales and improves the quality, consistency and traceability of the weighing process. Our One Cloud makes it possible to combine the weighing data of truck scales and on-board scales and integrate all weighing data into the company’s other systems.

Why choose this instead of traditional scales?

  1. User-specific real-time weighing data always available throughout the process
  2. Weighing data can seamlessly be integrated with ERP, billing, and inventory management software
  3. Browser-based software is always ready to use, with less idle time within the process
  4. No need for separate external devices to operate because the software is used on mobile devices and standard PC’s
  5. Can be connected to both old and new truck scales, regardless of make
  6. The driver can also create an electronic movement document on his smartphone and the system will transfer the data to the national register of movement documents

Truck scale software, also known as weighbridge software or truck scale management software, is a specialized application designed to work in conjunction with truck scales or weighbridges. These software solutions are used to automate and streamline various processes associated with weighing trucks and managing the data related to these weighings.

Yes, many modern truck scale software solutions offer remote monitoring capabilities, allowing users to access and monitor weighbridge weighing data from different locations. Remote monitoring is a valuable feature that enhances efficiency and flexibility in managing weighing operations.

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