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Weighing Scale Spare Parts and Accessories


Stainless Steel Stand

This heavy-duty indicator stand may be paired with all of our indicators and floor scales. Galvanized steel With strong base support Height: 90 cm


Junction Box

4 Line, 6 Lines and 8 Lines. PVC and Stainless Steel. Waterproof. Mostly used in Truck Scales.

Weighing scale display

Score Board

Auxiliary display for weighing device by viewing weighing result from long distance. Auxiliary display for weighing system by connecting with computer with matching output format. Weighing indicator should be equipped with corresponding communication interface to connect with scoreboard.

Load Cell Cable

Load Cell Wire

High quality load cell cables, with option of 4 wires or 6 wires (and extra shielded), per rolls or meters. Rodent proof quality is also available.

A junction box refers to an enclosure or a housing that contains electrical connections, terminals, and wiring associated with the load cells. Load cells are sensors used in weighbridges to measure the weight of the vehicles or loads. The junction box serves as a central point for connecting the load cells to the weighing indicator or the weighing controller.

Stainless Steel Stand, Junction Box, Score Board, Loadcell wire, these weighing scale spare parts are available at HIRS Global.

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