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Wheel Loader Scale

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Our Wheel Loader scale enables quick and efficient weighing while loading and moving materials with the wheel loader. Weighing information collected to the memory of the scale can be printed with each weighing or transferred to be utilized for business activities via USB, a cloud service or integration directly to an ERP or other system. We offer following three models:

  1. The easy-to-use storage weighing mode enables monitoring the amounts of moved materials while separating different material types.

  2. The memo weighing mode can be used when loading materials for different customers or onto different trucks during the same work shift, for example.

  3. The quick basic weighing mode comes in handy when there is no need to separate material information or other information.

It offers features like:

  • Accurate weighing results, 0.5–2.0%

  • Weighing information can be transferred to a cloud server or, via integration, to an ERP or other system

  • Compatible with all available models

  • IP 67 protection class

  • 2G / 3G / 4G mobile data transfer

  • Wi-Fi 802.11b / g

  • Bluetooth 4.1

  • Cloud services and integration opportunities

  • Can be connected to a modern, wireless Bluetooth printer

A wheel loader scale is a weighing system integrated into a wheel loader, a heavy construction machine used for material handling and loading tasks. The scale allows the operator to accurately weigh the material being lifted and loaded by the wheel loader. It operates using load cells or other weight-sensing technology, providing real-time weight measurements.

Wheel loader scales offer several benefits in construction and material handling settings. They provide on-the-go weighing capabilities, allowing for efficient loading without the need for a separate weighing station. This increases productivity, saves time, and ensures accurate loading of trucks or containers. Additionally, it helps prevent overloading, which can lead to safety hazards and compliance issues.

Yes, wheel loader scales can typically be calibrated to accommodate different types of materials and load capacities. This calibration process ensures accurate weight measurements for specific materials with varying densities and characteristics. It allows the scale to be customized to meet the requirements of different industries, such as construction, mining, agriculture, and more.

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