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 Zemic’s latest load cell innovation

Explore the features of Zemic's latest load cell innovation

Zemic's Latest Load cell Innovation

HIRS Global is thrilled to introduce the latest innovation from the Zemic R & D Team: the Loadcell BM24L10. As the authorized dealer of Zemic load cells in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia, we are confident that this new product release will be a game-changer for the pharmaceutical and food industries. The primary focus of this invention is on the hygienic aspect of the load cell, addressing a critical need in these sectors.

In collaboration with the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), the development of this new load cell ensures food and pharmaceutical safety throughout the entire production process, spanning weighing, filling, and packaging.

About EHEDG:

EHEDG, established in 1989, is an official organization that provides training, testing, and certification services to equipment manufacturers globally. Their mission is to be the foremost authority on hygienic design and engineering, aiming to enhance food safety and quality across the industry. EHEDG’s rigorous evaluation process assists manufacturers in mitigating food safety risks.

Key Characteristics of an EHEDG Load Cell:

Hygienic Design: Load cells adhering to EHEDG standards feature smooth surfaces and rounded corners, minimizing areas where contaminants could accumulate. This design ensures easy cleaning and sanitation, meeting EHEDG’s stringent cleanliness requirements.

Material Selection: Load cells in EHEDG environments are typically made from corrosion-resistant materials capable of withstanding regular cleaning with harsh chemicals or high-pressure washdowns. Our load cell is constructed from stainless steel.

Sealed Construction: Load cells designed for EHEDG environments boast sealed and ingress-protected designs, preventing moisture, dust, or cleaning agents from compromising internal components. Our load cell has an IP68 ingress protection rating.

Reliability and Accuracy: In hygienic environments, where cleanliness is a priority, load cells must still provide precise and reliable data for weighing and force measurement applications. Our load cell ensures accuracy and reliability to uphold product quality and process efficiency.

In conclusion, utilizing load cells designed for EHEDG environments is imperative to maintaining hygienic conditions, adhering to industry regulations, and ensuring accurate and reliable measurements in industries where cleanliness is of utmost importance.


ZEMIC EHEDG load cell BM24L10 features

  • Stainless steel IP68, ensure robust performance
    •  Unique hygienic design
    •  High accuracy up to 0.05%
    •  Capacity 5t-20t, for heavy-duty weighing applications

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